15 Things I Overheard During Jay Z And Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour

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I went to Jayoncé’s show on Saturday at MetLife Stadium and these were some of the things people said.

1. “They should have party buses, like the Jayoncé bus.”


Fans swarmed public transit on the way to the stadium, but one person’s idea that Bey and Jay should run their own shuttles wasn’t a bad one: If people are already paying $100 or more to watch their show, why wouldn’t they shell out for a party bus ticket?

2. “They need no opener!”

"They need no opener!"

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Kevin Mazur / WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment

No, they didn’t. And even without an opener, there was barely enough time for them to split the concert in half and play all the hits — they had to skip over crowd favorites like “Count Down” and “Roc Boys.”

3. “I’m about to have a heart attack.”


The show began at full, red-alert tilt, with a medley of “‘03 Bonnie & Clyde,” “Upgrade U,” and “Crazy in Love” performed back-to-back, without any cinematic interruptions.

4. “See what I’m saying? She’s lip-synching.”


During songs like “Naughty Girl,” it appeared that Queen Bey did some lip-synching. But for a two-and-a-half-hour concert where she danced a lot, she sure did belt a lot.

5. “Woooo…nothing is happening…”


Yes, there were some in-between sets that made people sit down, but they were still amazing! A lot of great footage playing on the screens and some great dancers on stage, specifically Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, aka Les Twins.

6. “You’re Be-YAWN-cé, she is Beyoncé.”


Said one crowd member to another especially vocal fan. Yes, Beyoncé is unique, but shouldn’t everyone have the right to sing from the top of their lungs and dance their lives away in the presence of Beyoncé and Jay Z? Isn’t that what concerts are for?

7. “I, like, know 1% of Jay Z’s songs.”


Well, that’s too bad. His hits are pretty fun to rap along to — even if you know just one line. Jay didn’t lip-synch — or at least it didn’t seem like he did — and his light show made the stadium feel like an electric music festival.

People might have joked about On the Run being a Beyoncé concert featuring Beyoncé’s husband, but Jay Z brought the house down.

8. “OMG! Holy shit!”


The hair, costumes, backup dancers were on point all night, but Beyoncé’s booty, oh my! *Fans myself*

9. “Where is this footage coming from?”

"Where is this footage coming from?"

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Kevin Mazur / WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment

Throughout the show, their tour’s Hollywood-level concert trailer played on big screens. Other home videos — including their wedding and moments with Blue Ivy — and extended cuts from the trailer linked songs, giving the concert a smartly crafted narrative that enhanced their sets.

10. “OK, stand up. She’s back on! STAND UP!”


People took breaks while clips showed on the big screens, but as soon as Bey came back on, everybody was back on their feet.

11. “I love you!! I really do!!”


Bey stood still and quiet during “Why Don’t You Love Me” and you can only imagine all the things her fans yelled at her.

12. “Resentment, tho!!!”


Arguably the show’s climax. Her live vocals on songs like “Resentment” blew everyone’s minds. Especially with the change of lyrics reflecting her relationship with Jay Z.

13. “Is that Justin Bieber?”

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