15 People Who Are Way Worse At Interior Decorating Than You

1. The proud parent of this looming death decoration.

Via mom.me

Sleep tight, little one.

2. Whoever did this room and thinks decorating means a purple blanket strewn on a chair.

3. The person who said, “If it fits, I sits.”

4. The fisherman who caught a big one.

And by “big one,” I mean a giant heap of tackiness.

5. The person who thought “distressed” meant “make hideous.”

How the hell do people make things look old in a good way? All you can accomplish is ruining an OK-to-begin-with piece of furniture while staining your carpet. Why you decided to do this on your carpet is a whole other story unto itself.

6. The person who insisted on centering everything.

7. This dude and his, uh, collection?

“I guess you can say that this room has sole. LOLOL! Wait, where you going?”

8. The person who thought red was their power color.

Powerfully atrocious, maybe.

9. Whoever thought this was a good addition to their home.

“Watch out. That chair will get you horny!”

10. The person who added some spice to their walls.

The spice in this case is ugliness and I think they’ve added too much.

11. The person who leaves the TV on for their painting.

That is how they watch your soul. YOUR. SOUL.

12. This lover of all things animal.

Even that zebra is like, “Ugh! I am not looking at this room.

13. The person who wants Raggedy Ann all to themselves.

Creepy mannequin is creepy.

14. The person who really takes pride in their Scottish Tartan.

“You can take my land, but you will. Never. Take. My plaid!”

15. The person who probably says, “This is where the magic happens.”

Black magic, that is.

Feel good about your decorating choices now? Hooray!

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