15 Most Creative Double Billboards

1. Samsung Vacuum

“Imagine surprisingly strong suction power.”
This a popular technique in double billboard ads.
You “advertise” a made-up product next to your real product to create a funny interaction.
Four more of these type of double ads below.

2. Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide did a series of these multi-billboard installations.
That’s a real scene they created.

3. Coke

Via Canada.

4. Mini

Via Italy.

5. Donatos Pizza

Via the USA.

6. ZDF

ZDF is a public service German television broadcaster.

7. Durex

Via Spain.
For prolonged pleasure condoms.

8. Manix

Fake execution for Manix lube.
It Unsticks (traffic) jams.

9. San Francisco Zoo

Part of a campaign.
Great use of media.
Copy: “Friends come in all shapes and sizes.”

10. Rona

Via Montreal.
Rona is a home decorating store.
They recycle paint.
Nice appropriation of the famous iPod Nano billboard.

11. Nike

Famous Nike running ad.

12. McDonald’s

Via Denmark.
You just burned 1/00th of a fry.

13. Drinking and Driving

Via Brazil, during Carnival.

14. Kansas City Royals


15. Mars

Via New Zealand.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/copyranter/15-very-creative-double-billboards



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