15 Animals That Have Committed Huge Pinterest Fails

1. Pinterest tip: the simplest way to clean your ceiling fan is to throw a pillowcase over each blade and turn it on.

Fail: this handy cleaning hack turns out to be not so simple once you’re stuck up there.

2. Pinterest tip: bake cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Fail: bun, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Pinterest tip: clean your dishwasher the easy way by placing a large bowl of vinegar on the bottom rack and run through a full cycle.

Fail: ugh, you’re not supposed to multitask by cleaning YOURSELF, too!

4. Pinterest tip: shaving cream and Listerine makes an awesome foot mask that will make those cracked heels feel so smooth.

Fail: sorry, doesn’t quite work the same for paws, pal.

5. Pinterest tip: transform a watermelon into a cocktail keg.

Fail: It was going so well until these guys got so drunk they started eating the rind.

6. Pinterest tip: cut a paper towel roll in half if you run out of toilet paper.

Fail: paws are no substitute for a knife!

I don’t care how sharp your paws are.

7. Pinterest tip: cover a clutch in tinsel.

Get the DIY here.

Fail: eating the tinsel before it even reaches the bag and not realizing the consequences until later.

8. Pinterest tip: repair a bra in ten seconds or less with moleskin.

Fail: it definitely took this cat WAY longer than ten seconds.

9. Cool Pinterest project! Wrap a block of wood in yarn and use it as a stamp.

I guess these cats were too good for acrylic yarn.

10. Pinterest tip: a cactus in a tin can makes the perfect party favor or housewarming gift!

Fail: silly cat! Or should I call you maso-cat?

11. Pinterest tip: save so much drawer space by filing your clothes.

12. Pinterest tip: always adjust the shutter speed, which is basically adjusting how much light you are capturing in your photo.

Fail: you never actually took photos because the little crevice in the camera bag was just calling your name.

13. Pinterest tip: repair a scratched CD with toothpaste.

Fail: ok, not totally your fault since you don’t actually have fingers.

14. Pinterest tip:

Fail: this cat is going to have the worst helmet head.

But is at least smart enough to know that a bagel wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil works just fine.

15. Pinterest tip: make a SHAMROCK-ARITA! How Brilliant!

Totally gonna get drunk on these for St. Patrick’s Day.

Fail: actually more like a SUCCESS. Get your drink on, little guy.

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