13 Twitter Accounts To Follow Right Now

Maybe they’ll even follow you back.

1. Frank Underwood

You wouldn’t want him to catch you not following him, now would you.

Frank Underwood

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2. Joy Reid

She’s an MSNBC host, political columnist, avid Tweeter, and mom. Yes.

Joy Reid

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3. Seamless

In addition to being hilarious, their tweets frequently offer discount codes.


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4. Evgeny Morozov

The internet’s harshest–and coolest–critic.

Evgeny Morozov

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5. Maria Popova

The MIT Fellow tweets about creativity, famous intellectuals, and inspiration. Her Twitter is top notch.

Maria Popova

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6. The Daily Green

Help save the Earth now, would ya?

The Daily Green

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7. BuzzFeed

Nuff said.


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8. Barack Obama

Follow the President. It doesn’t mean you approve of his healthcare rollout.

Barack Obama

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9. Jane Doe No More

This nonprofit is improving the way society responds to victims of sexual assault.

Jane Doe No More

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10. Teju Cole

The writer makes 140 characters novel-esque.

Teju Cole

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11. Stephen Colbert

Stand with Colbert Nation.

Stephen Colbert

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12. OMG Facts

If you’re not already.

OMG Facts

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13. Shit Girls Say

It’s still kind of cool, right?

Shit Girls Say

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