13 Things That Welsh People Are Really Sick Of Hearing

1. Oh, you’re actually more clever than I thought. I think it’s your accent, you know? It just makes everything you say sound really stupid.

2. I wouldn’t want to leave you alone with that sheep!


Why do you keep talking about sheep?

3. Can you sing? I bet you can sing!

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You think it’s a compliment. But it’s actually a gross generalisation which can lead to acute social embarrassment and impotence among young Welsh men.

4. I was in Wales once. I was getting the ferry from Holyhead. God, that’s an awful place isn’t it?

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5. You’ve done so well to get where you are. You know, growing up in the mines and all that…

6. Can you speak Welsh? Go on, say something in Welsh!

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7. Actually, what’s that really long word in Welsh? WTF? You’ve totally made that up.

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8. Is Tom Jones your dad?

Yes, yes he is.

9. Wales! I used to love Stereophonics when I was younger. They went a bit crap then, didn’t they?

No comment.

10. I think you should give up on that whole Welsh language thing. No one speaks it anyway.

Um, that’s kinda offensive, you know…

11. You’re from Wales … what, like the sea mammal? Hahahahaha!

Well done, you almost made a pun!

12. Oh, is that near Cardiff?

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13. But like, come on, you’re not really a real country are you?

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