13 Signs Christmas Has Started Way Too Early This Year

When should Christmas begin? Well, when you see this advert on television of course…

The Coca-Cola Company / Via youtube.com

… or when ITV2 decides to broadcast Love Actually 130 times a day without fail.

Studio Canal / Working Title Films / Via Twitter: @Willlliamson

1. But it turns out that Christmas is now in October. I mean, this is the scene in Asda right now.

2. And here’s what it looks like in the Co-op.

3. Ikea is already selling Christmas trees.


4. Boots is selling holiday sandwiches.


5. And Primark is flogging Christmas jumpers.


6. And then there’s John Lewis, which looks like this:


7. Meanwhile, Tesco is selling mince pies that have a best before date of the 28th October.

8. Morrisons is going mental with their advent calendars and chocolates.


9. They also premiered their first Xmas TV ad during the weekend.

10. Who else has started pumping out Xmas TV ads? That’s right it’s….

11. Oh well, could be worse. Sainsbury’s are now selling seasonal washing up liquid and Christmas bleach.

12. Oh and it gets worse. Oxford Street have put up their decorations already.


13. So have Westfield in London.


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