13 Funny Anti-Drug Ads


Geezer Junkie!
“Ethyl, help me find a vein, goddammit!”
Uh, yes there are old junkies. In addition to being funny, these ads via the UK are complete bullshit.
Two more ads from the campaign below.


“Gotta get wired, Matlock marathon tonight.”


What the hell is pops lighting?
He needs his friend William Burroughs to come over and show him the ropes.


Via Liberia.
Appears to be a not-so-secret pro-cannibalism billboard.


Via the great state of Ohio.
Butt jokes aside, you gotta love when local government officials stack type.


Only Bugs and Slugs do Drugs?
From 2008, via the USA, this campaign was created for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.
While the ads teach us nothing about drug use, they do educate teenagers a little bit about the animal kingdom, so not a complete loss?
Two more ads below.


Bug spray-huffing adolescent wasps.


These rats are supposed to be teen girls.


Via the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.
Yep. He has a sloth-like creature problem.


Yes, and when you do talk them, use this stupid line.


Via Spain.
UPDATE: This one actually doesn’t belong on this list because it is kinda funny, and was meant to be. It’s here because: who, exactly, is this ad targeting? Drug runners? No. You know who it is targeting? Cannes award judges, because it’s a fake ad that never ran, or it was just placed on a Facebook page somewhere.
This happens all the time in the wonderful ad industry.


Via Romania.
I don’t care how fucked up I am, I will never grab a saw blade and have a catch with my dog.


I purposely didn’t include any vintage anti-drug ads, because pretty much all of those are funny. But I couldn’t resist this one.
Rachel Leigh Cook breaks stuff in the long-awaited follow-up to the classic “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” commercial. Hilarious.

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