12 Inadequate “Pets” From Your Childhood

1. You could try and fake it with a stuffed animal for a while, but it wasn’t the same.

Something’s a liiiiiitle off.

2. Maybe you went the pet rock route, until you realized it was more of an adorable paperweight than a pet.

At least it’s low maintenance.

3. Betta fish look cool, and you probably got them because they were nicknamed “fighting fish.”

Until you realized when fish fight, one of them typically dies. Not fun for the whole family.

4. Sea monkeys promised pets you could grow yourself, and even train them to do tricks!

Look at that wholesome sea monkey family!

And then reality set in. Uh, roll over?

So not cuddly.

5. Tamagotchis were the digital solution to your problem, until you left it in your bookbag for a week and it died.

Maybe your parents had a good reason for not getting you a dog.

6. The pet snake strategy: if it creeped out your parents enough, maybe they’d let you trade it in for a puppy.

That’s how pet stores work, right?

7. You discovered the word “pet” in “chia pet” is pure trickery, because those little bastards are not pets but PLANTS.

But apparently they’re delicious?

8. Ant farms were cool, and even educational. Like when you learned that you still can’t pet an ant.

Damian Dovarganes / AP

Or that you shouldn’t feed them gushers.

9. You could observe the majesty of metamorphosis through caterpillar kits.

And just when your pets turned into awesome butterflies, you had to let them go.

Important teaching lesson? Maybe. Traumatizing when you’re seven? Definitely.

10. Birds were what your parents got you when you asked for a pet and they decided what you really needed was an alarm clock.

An alarm clock that goes off at 3am for no reason and takes seeds instead of batteries.

11. It’s possible your parents relented on the “nothing with fur” front and let you get a gerbil.

No jokes here. Gerbils are hella cute.

12. Maybe you even got a chinchilla. But like, really? Why not just get a cat at that point?

That thing could probably eat a cat. Dang.

13. And then, the nuclear option: instead of a pet, you got a sibling.

Mikey & Alex / Via community.babycenter.com

Well, okay. This’ll do. For now.

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