12 Creepiest Things You Can Find On Etsy

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The heaven of all crafts is also a secret interwebs hell.

1. Vintage Rectal Speculum

Vintage Rectal Speculum

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CuriosAndConjures / Via etsy.com

For those of you who like to avoid those pesky co-pays at the doctor’s office, here’s your very own DIY kit.

“It is in good condition with some minor signs of age and wear.”

2. Preserved Heart


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Preserved Heart

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bonejewelry / Via etsy.com

Thankfully, the heart is not human, it’s turkey. Even better news, the seller also has eyeballs on the market. So there’s that…

3. Denture Hair Combs

Denture Hair Combs

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ConcaveOblivion / Via etsy.com

You know, for those fancy occasions.

4. Fetish Art

Fetish Art

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darkwaveartifacts / Via etsy.com

I figure this is the equivalent of Instagram having a nightmare filter.

5. Reptile Belt

Reptile Belt

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TheOldGypsyTrader / Via etsy.com

Here we have the internet showing you that you can never take things too far.

6. Human Molar Earrings

Human Molar Earrings

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bonejewelry / Via etsy.com

Perfectly good waste of Tooth Fairy money…

7. Preserved Tapeworm

Preserved Tapeworm

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shrunkenheaddotcom / Via etsy.com

For all your dietary needs!

8. Antique Creep Doll

Antique Creep Doll

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darkwaveartifacts / Via etsy.com

As if real, live children weren’t scary enough…

9. Real Deer Legs

Real Deer Legs

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boomer2563 / Via etsy.com

Because prosthetic legs are so last season?

10. Penis Bone Earrings

Penis Bone Earrings

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BoneQueenJewelry / Via etsy.com

Anyone else curious on the back story of how the seller obtained these? Good, I’m not alone.

11. Japanese Mummified Water Demon

Japanese Mummified Water Demon

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JustinAlanArnold / Via etsy.com

Of course, they take all the fun out of it by telling you up front it’s not real. Thanks for killing the demon party, bro.

12. Muriel the Faceless

Muriel the Faceless

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DustyRemnants / Via etsy.com

The only thing creepier than the doll is the description:

“Life is fine for Muriel. Nothing bad or tragic in her past. She just, on occasion, has a little trouble with choosing the correct face to wear for the day. After all, it’s so very important to pick the right one for the day to avoid having to rip the wrong one off later on. Would you be interested in being a good enough friend to help Muriel out with these decisions?”

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