11 Profound Quotes From Famous Fathers To Their Children

1. 1. From Charles Dickens to his son Edward (“Plorn”):

“Never take a mean advantage of anyone in any transaction, and never be hard upon people who are in your power. Try to do to others, as you would have them do to you, and do not be discouraged if they fail sometimes.”

2. 2. From F. Scott Fitzgerald to his daughter Scottie:

4. 3. Aaron Sorkin to his daughter Roxy:

“Be brave and know that the bravest thing you can do is be willing to not fit in. Never take pleasure in someone else failing. Dare to fail yourself.”

6. 4. John Steinbeck to his son Thom:

8. 5. LeRoy Pollock to his son, painter Jackson Pollock:

“I do not think a young fellow should be too serious, he should be full of the Dickens some times to create a balance.”

10. 6. Ronald Reagan to his son Michael:

12. 7. Leo Tolstoy to his son Ilya:

“The one shore is an honest and good life, for your own delight and the profit of others. But there is a bad life, too — a life so sugared, so common to all, that if you follow it, you do not notice that it is a bad life, and suffer only in your conscience, if you have one…”

13. 8. Bruce Jenner to his daughters Kendall and Kylie:

“In the future, you will face obstacles. Don’t let them scare you. Fear is part of the game. Trying things outside of your comfort zone is essential, because your ability to grow as a person is directly related to the amount of insecurity you can handle.”

We are so moved!

16. 9. Kurt Vonnegut to his daughter Nanny:

19. 10. Marion Carpenter to his son, astronaut Malcom Scott Carpenter:

“I cannot conceive of a man endowed with intellect, perceiving the ordered universe about him, the glory of the mountain top, the plumage of a tropical bird, the intricate complexity of a protein molecule, the utter and unchanging perfection of a salt crystal, who can deny the existence of some higher power.”

20. 11. Roger Mortimer to his son Charlie:

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