10 Embarrassing (But Highly Entertaining) Videos Of People Working Out In The ’80s

1. The butt-slappage at 0:32 is a great way to work your palm muscle, but the triple push-up at 1:10 will turn you into a God.

2. You can really get motivated when your instructor says “Mmmchicka mmmchicka.”

3. Alyssa Milano’s “Teen Steam” video isn’t creepy at all.

4. OMG ’80s face workout video. Best way to scare your new boyfriend with your morning routine.

5. This is from a real 1987 movie called “Aerobicide” in which a killer starts murdering people in a gym…with a giant safety pin.

6. Since this video includes low, medium, and high effort options, you can totally be that slacker on the left.

7. Snack-cercising with Miss Piggy is obviously the best workout ever.

8. The narrative intro to Lorenzo Lamas’ self defense workout video is a dramatic masterpiece in acid wash jeans.

9. The instructor for Disney’s “Mousercise” doesn’t seem like she’s on cocaine at all.

10. Skip to 3:15 to see Marine Jahan—aka the “Flashdance” body double—kill it.

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