10 DIY Ways To Make Traveling Suck Less

1. Leather Luggage Tag

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Is there anything worse than reaching your final destination only to find that your bag somehow ended up on the other side of the country? (This is why we advocate carry-ons, people!) Hopefully a hand-stitched leather tag will help your rogue suitcase find its way home.

2. ID Case

Melissa Buwembo/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

You’ve been standing in line for what seems like hours, so how are people still fumbling around for photo ID when they finally make it to the TSA agent? Stash the necessities (ID, credit card, cash) in one of these cute leather card carriers and keep it close at hand to avoid looking like a clueless jerk.

3. Carry-On Bag

Alisha Ming/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

One crucial element to traveling comfortably is having the right bag, and with bag check fees through the roof, the perfect carry-on is nothing short of your in-flight BFF.

4. Labeled Shoe Bag

Mandy Pellegrin/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

You’re an adult, it’s time to start packing like one! Whip up some labeled shoe bags to help designate your heels from your flats and keep the rest of your bag contents from scratching or ruining them.

5. Makeup Brush Organizer

Creme de la Craft / Via cremedelacraft.com

Keep makeup brushes organized and on hand for quick touch-ups (because NO ONE looks amazing after jumping off of a cross-country, multi-layover flight) with an awesome no-sew roll up holder made out of a sushi mat!

6. Comfy Jersey Top

Grainline Studio/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Five-plus hours in the air + restrictive clothing = a recipe for frustration. Keep it comfy in a loose jersey tee, which will be the perfect thing to toss on after you eat yourself into a coma over the holiday vacation.

7. Travel Pillow

A Spoonful of Sugar Designs / Via aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

Make fun of the moms carting these through airports all you want, but when push comes to shove and you find yourself rolling your head onto the shoulder of your unknown seat mate one too many times you’ll be thanking the DIY gods you took the time to sew up a kick-ass custom cover for your travel neck pillow.

8. Sleep Mask

Making Things is Awesome / Via makingthingsisawesome.wordpress.com

Movies playing, children screaming — it’s not exactly easy to rest on an airplane. Noise-canceling headphones and one of these DIY sleep masks will make sure you arrive with your sanity somewhat intact. And if these fail, alcohol is always a good backup choice.

9. Jewelry Roll

Mr. Kate / Via mrkate.com

Stop spending half of your vacation time untangling your necklaces and make one (or five) of these easy jewelry rolls to keep all your pretty little sparkles safe and sound.

10. Charger Case

Design*Sponge / Via designsponge.com

Keep all of those cords, chargers, and devices easily accessible with one of the coolest ways to reuse an old hardback book.

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